How Much Are Stamps in 2019 – Postage Stamp Rates

Stamps are vital in sending parcels, letters, and packages to someone you know anywhere in the world. You will need to have some stamps on hand now and then; and if you are a regular postal service customer, you may have noticed that the price of stamps changed. ‘How much are stamps?’ You’ll ask. Although the price of stamps is not as high as the price of your favourite macchiato, it can be very useful to know the latest cost of US postage stamps.

The postal rate of the USPS or the United States Postal Services increases regularly, and this might confuse if you are to ask someone to mail something for you. You may think that knowing the price of postage stamps is a very small deal, but having that information can come in handy, right?

So, How Much Are Stamps in 2019? The price of postage stamps varies according to the kind of shipping service. Also, the postage price also depends on the total weight of the letter or parcel, or sometimes on the package dimensions.

How Much Are Stamps in 2019 – Domestic Postage Rate

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has implemented an increase in postage rate last June 22, 2019. The price increase applies to all classes, which include First Class, Priority, Express Mail, and any other special service.

Where To Buy Stamps

Letters 2019 USPS Postage Rates

First-Class Letter (1 ounce) – $0.45 ($0.20 per additional ounce)
First-Class Flat Large Envelope (1 ounce) – $0.90 ($0.20 per additional ounce)
Postcard – $0.32

Express Mail Envelope – $18.95
Express Mail Legal Envelope – $18.95
Priority Mail Envelope – $5.15
Priority Mail Envelope (Padded ) – $5.30
Priority Mail Legal Envelope – $5.30


0.5 lb. Express Mail – starts at $12.95
Express Mail Box (Flat Rate) – $39.95
1 lb. Priority Mail – starts at $5.20
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Small Box -$5.35
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Medium Box -$11.35
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Large Box -$15.45
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Large Box, APO/FPO/DPO -$13.45
Priority Mail Box A, Regional Rate – starts at $5.79
Priority Mail Box B, Regional Rate – starts at $6.65
Priority Mail Box C, Regional Rate – starts at $15.19
Media Mail -$2.47
Parcel Post – $5.20
Library Mail -$2.35

How Much Are Stamps For International Postage

If you are to send mail to other parts of the world, it is very crucial to know how much are stamps. Postage rates to other countries vary regarding weight of the letter or parcel and the country of destination. In general, the postage rates for Canada and Mexico are cheaper compared to rates of postage stamps to other countries. For instance, 1-ounce international letters to Canada and Mexico have $0.85 worth of stamps, while letters of the same weight to other countries have $1.05 worth of stamps.

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The question “How much are stamps?” has varying answers. Nevertheless, the cost of US postage stamps is almost similar regardless of where you would buy them. Sometimes, postage stamps are more expensive by a few cents when bought online (with delivery charge), through an Automatic Telling Machine (ATM), or on grocery stores. Still, your local postal service office or USPS is the cheapest place to buy stamps.

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