Places To Buy Stamps in 2019: Get your Stamps Everywhere

If you are one of the few who still use the conventional mail instead of electronic mail, then you might be interested to know the different places to buy stamps.

There’s always the big question related to buy postal stamps online. Some people still prefer to send letters to our friendly post office because it is more personal, fun, and it’s getting unique these days since less and fewer people are using it. Bulk mail, like invitations, are also sent via traditional mail because it costs less than the couriers. One disadvantage of using this mail though is that it takes awhile before it gets to the recipient, even if you use priority mail, unlike the couriers which offer one-day delivery.

Places To Buy Stamps in 2019 – Online and Offline

Here are some places to buy stamps in case there is a need for you to get one. Although, if you live in the remote areas, it may be harder for you to find places to buy stamps.

1. Post Office

Where can you buy stamps but your local post office? Officially, this is the place to buy stamps. They are open every day, except on weekends, which makes it convenient for anyone who needs to send a letter to a friend. To avoid inconvenience though, just in case it gets really hard to find places to buy stamps, it maybe wiser to buy them in bulk, something that will last you for a month. You just need to know how much would it cost to send the letter. You may inquire upon purchase so that you know how many stamps to stick on your envelope.

Places To Buy Stamps
Places To Buy Stamps

2. Local shippers

In some areas, like in the provinces, the post office has authorized shippers that allows them to sell stamps, and they will also take care of sending it to your recipient. You can buy stamps from them and rest assured that they will take care of the rest. These local shippers have accreditation and usually have permits posted on their stores.

3. Bookstores

Ask the local school supplies store if they sell stamps. They might be selling postage stamps that you need in sending your letters.

4. Supermarkets / Groceries

Some supermarkets also sell stamps. You can typically find one at the cashier’s counter. You can check the local supermarkets or stores in your area if they have available stamps for sale.

5. Online Stores

If connecting to the internet is not a problem, check online if there are places to buy stamps on the internet. Look for shops or stores whose business is selling postage stamps. Be wary and careful not to fall prey to scammers or fake sellers if you are going to buy from them online. Read some articles or tips on how not to be scammed. The best online stamp sellers are USPS and

6. General Merchandise Stores

If you are in the provinces, places to buy stamps usually include stores like this. You can always ask the local merchandise stores in your area if they sell postage stamps that you need in mailing your letters.

There are many places to buy stamps, and surely, you won’t run out of options. Stamps are important, and they help us reach any side of the world. Therefore, it is crucial to determine where to buy stamps.

Where Can I Buy Stamps on a Sunday?

Sundays are the most laid-back day of the week. This is also a day when the US Postal Service Office is closed, so, sometimes you may wonder, “Where can I buy stamps on a Sunday?”

Stamps are readily available in various locations. These days, even if it is a Sunday and the post office is closed, you can conveniently get stamps from different sources.

You can buy postage stamps at a grocery store or a pharmacy. Walgreens and Costco are now selling stamps in their stores. Grocery stores such as Kroger’s and Walmart are also following the trend. If you can’t find a sales agent to point you to the stamps area, you can usually spot a vending machine at the same store where you can order stamps.

Where Can I Buy Stamps on a Sunday?

Used Postage Stamps 696564 Where Can I Buy Stamps on a Sunday? Other than the regular grocery stores you go to, most currency exchange outlets also sell stamps. Now, it’s possible for you to exchange your money for another currency and buy your stamps at the same time. The comforting thought is that most currency exchange outlets operate even on Sunday, so, you can be assured that you can buy your stamps from these outlets.

If you are planning to mail out your letters urgently especially on the weekend, you must know where you can buy stamps in haste. Having automated machines or vending machines which dispense stamps for sale is such a great option for you to buy stamps on Sundays. The machine can weigh your mail, and it can even print out the postage stamp. If you happen to be clueless about your state zip code, you may look up for this information in these machines.

When you buy stamps in an automated telling machine(ATM), you will have the option to press appropriate buttons according to your desired number of stamps. There will be corresponding buttons for every request you want to make. The only drawback in using the ATM is that additional service or transaction fees are collected.

Where Can I Buy Stamps on a Sunday?

If you don’t want to make an unwanted trip to the pharmacy or the supermarket, you can click on the USPS website, and you can purchase stamps online even on a Sunday. You can buy a mass of stamps without the hassle of waiting in a queue. However, the delivery will resume on office days, of course, and online orders are usually processed within one week. If you are looking for Where To Buy Stamps then read our previous article.

You won’t have to worry about being idle on a Sunday because if you have some mail matters to attend, you have places to go to meet your needs. You’ll never know when you’re going to need stamps, that’s why knowing that you can avail of these stamps at various places would help a lot.

Where can I buy stamps?” is a question that some people are still asking these days because they prefer to send their letters the old-fashioned way.

Where Can I Buy Stamps? Since the advancement in technology is going fast, almost every household has an internet connection at home, and even kids now, know how to use electronic mail. Thus, greatly minimizing our need for post offices; which make the stamps even harder to find in some places here, and in rural areas. Where can you buy stamps, is still a big question some areas that are not yet technologically advanced?

If you are one of those who is always connected to the internet, you might even consider buying stamps online. Online shopping is convenient because you are in your own home, you make inquiries over the phone, and you can even finalize your transaction just by a simple phone call. Depending on what you have agreed upon, you can meet with the seller for your stamps, or it will be delivered right to your doorstep! It pays to know where can you buy stamps because you will never know, you just might need one in the following days to come.

Places to Buy Stamps – Buy Stamps on a Sunday

1. Authorized shippers – there are some areas or locations where there are authorized shippers. These shippers sell stamps, and they also have a table on how much it would cost to send an ordinary mail to a specific place or province. You can buy your stamps from them, and they will take care of getting your mail to your intended recipient.

2. Bookstores – where can you buy stamps but your local bookstore! You can always check the school supplies store in your area for its availability. You just have to be aware, or you have to know the cost of the stamps needed for your letter to be mailed. These stores may not necessarily know how many stamps will be needed when you send your letter.

3. Supermarkets / Groceries – some supermarkets that sell paper products and school supplies also sell stamps. You can check these sections of the supermarket in your area if they have available stamps for sale for your letters.

4. Convenience Stores – as the name suggests, these stores are visible everywhere for everyone’s convenience. You can check these stores for the stamps that you need. You don’t have to look further because these are commonly located in areas near your house, your place of work, they are usually just around the corner.

5. Online Stores / Online Shops – one can never go wrong to check online if there are sellers out there who can solve your problems when in comes to buying stamps. Where can you buy stamps depends on you, there are so many online shops to choose from. Just watch out for the scammers or fake sellers if you are going to buy stamps online. There are some guidelines available to help you spot a scammer versus a real online seller.

Where to Buy Stamps

It’s up to you to choose from the list of suggestions that we have just mentioned. The important thing is that you now know that there are other places where you can buy stamps even if there is no post office nearby, or when you are just too lazy to visit one.

Cost Of Stamps: How Much Do Postage Stamps Cost, Postage Rate 2019

Many people still rely on our post offices in sending their letters, documents, parcels and packages. The cost of stamps is cheaper and more affordable compared to sending letters or documents using the local courier that we have like FedEx and USA Couriers.

The cost of stamps will vary depending on a lot of factors, which may include:

1. Location of the sender
2. Location of the recipient
3. Weight of the letter, or card, or package
4. Whether it will be sent by ordinary mail or priority mail; by airmail or by registered mail

Postage stamps can be bought beforehand, but you have to know how much will be the cost of stamps for your letter to reach its destination. When you buy stamps at the post office, you may inquire about the cost of stamps per region and per weight of the letter to be sent, or if they have a printed table on rates, you can ask them for one.

Cost Of Stamps: How Much Do Postage Stamps Cost?

Here is some helpful information about the cost of stamps:

We have three (3) types of rates available: The letter rate, envelope rate, and the package rate. Each has
its size specifications.

Letter Rate – applies to envelopes that are 3-1/2” high x 5” long and 6-1/8” high x 11-1/2” long and not to exceed 1/4” in thickness. A surcharge of 20% is added for those letters considered as non-machinable. This applies to mails sent to US or international.

Cost Of Stamps – 2019 Postage Rate Increase, New US Postal Rate

Large Envelope (flats) – applies to envelopes that are 6-1/8” high x 11-1/2” long and between 1/4” – 3/4” in thickness; or this could be any envelope which is too heavy for letter rates. Anything exceeding the minimum requirements indicated must be sent using the package rates including those that are irregular in size, shape and thickness. Applicable to all mails whether US or international.

Package Rates – these rates apply to all items which do not meet the Letter and Large envelope requirements. All letters that weigh more than 3.5 oz will use the Large Envelope rate whether its destination is US or international. The rates will also vary if your mail destination is within the US, going to Mexico, to Canada, and to those countries belonging to Groups 3-5 and Groups 6-9.

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We also have the following rates depending on the weight of your packages:

Priority Mail – is a must for packages weighing 13 oz. Or more. You can choose between Priority Flat Rates Envelope and Small Flat Rate Box. This will cost you $5.15 and $5.35 respectively. Rates are the same to any US destination regardless of weight.

Media Mail & Parcel Post Media Mail – you can choose between these two for packages more than 1 lb.

Sending letters or mail using postage stamps is fun, personalized and unique. You just have to know the cost of stamps to stick on the envelope for the letter to reach its destination. You have to make sure that there is a mailbox located in your area and that it is regularly picked up by the local post office.