US Postage Stamps – Where to Buy Them and What Options Do You Have

For citizens like us, it is our concern to know the most recent price of US postage stamps and where to buy them. It is also common for us to keep up to date on the latest stamp designs, in which we can choose from. The most recent price of US postage stamps is forty-four cents a piece. This was updated as of May 11, 2009, and this would only be for you standard first-class letters. If you plan to mail out big packages, the actual US postage stamps would be more expensive depending on the weight and size of your package.

You may also opt to purchase what they call a forever stamp. This would only cost thirty-seven cents, and the good thing about this is that you can use it even if the price of the regular stamps would increase.

Buying US Postage Stamps

For you to buy postage stamps, you must know where you can get it best. Traditionally, you can buy US postage stamps at the post office, but with the advent of technology and of course, for ease of most people, stamps are now available at various places.

 US Postage Stamps

You have the option to buy it in convenience stores or grocery stores. So, on your next trip to Walmart or Best Buy, you can ask any sales personnel for the stamps you need.

Customized US Postage Stamps: What You Didn’t Know Possibly Is Possible

If you want your fingers to do the walking, you can buy stamps online. You can also choose to have your stamps customized. If you are about to have your debutante party or if you’re getting married soon, you can have customized stamps on your invitations to send to your family and friends.

Where to Buy US Postage Stamps – On the other hand, customized stamps cost 15% more than the price of traditional stamps. The designs are well-regulated that’s why you cannot use your wild or obscene pictures. These taboo designs will be rejected by the USPS. Those who have copyright issues will not receive approval from the USPS, as well. They ensure that there is no design infringement of US postage stamps.

If you’re walking on your way to the office or on your way home, you can find US postage stamps in your favourite newsstands. There are even some people who buy stamps conveniently at ATM stations and petrol garages.

There are stamps which are readily available on vending machines. Imagine, you can already buy stamps even during public holidays or on days when your local post office is closed. You don’t have to wait in a long queue. You need not deal with nasty customer service agents as well.

The only disadvantage is that the machine may not give you the right change or worse your money can get stuck in the machine. That would be a horrible experience of buying US postage stamps. Another disadvantage of buying stamps through the vending machine is that you cannot use your debit or credit cards because generally, these machines need cash.

There are a lot of things which must be taken into account when you decide to buy postage stamps. You can weigh your options whether or not you want one-on-one interaction with postal service personnel or if you want to do it quickly through the vending machine. Of course, you have to consider your convenience, and you must ensure that buying US postage stamps is worth it. You must find the best place where you can get your next stamp booklet.

How Much Are Stamps in 2019 – Postage Stamp Rates

Stamps are vital in sending parcels, letters, and packages to someone you know anywhere in the world. You will need to have some stamps on hand now and then; and if you are a regular postal service customer, you may have noticed that the price of stamps changed. ‘How much are stamps?’ You’ll ask. Although the price of stamps is not as high as the price of your favourite macchiato, it can be very useful to know the latest cost of US postage stamps.

The postal rate of the USPS or the United States Postal Services increases regularly, and this might confuse if you are to ask someone to mail something for you. You may think that knowing the price of postage stamps is a very small deal, but having that information can come in handy, right?

So, How Much Are Stamps in 2019? The price of postage stamps varies according to the kind of shipping service. Also, the postage price also depends on the total weight of the letter or parcel, or sometimes on the package dimensions.

How Much Are Stamps in 2019 – Domestic Postage Rate

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has implemented an increase in postage rate last June 22, 2019. The price increase applies to all classes, which include First Class, Priority, Express Mail, and any other special service.

Where To Buy Stamps

Letters 2019 USPS Postage Rates

First-Class Letter (1 ounce) – $0.45 ($0.20 per additional ounce)
First-Class Flat Large Envelope (1 ounce) – $0.90 ($0.20 per additional ounce)
Postcard – $0.32

Express Mail Envelope – $18.95
Express Mail Legal Envelope – $18.95
Priority Mail Envelope – $5.15
Priority Mail Envelope (Padded ) – $5.30
Priority Mail Legal Envelope – $5.30


0.5 lb. Express Mail – starts at $12.95
Express Mail Box (Flat Rate) – $39.95
1 lb. Priority Mail – starts at $5.20
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Small Box -$5.35
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Medium Box -$11.35
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Large Box -$15.45
Priority Mail Flat Rate, Large Box, APO/FPO/DPO -$13.45
Priority Mail Box A, Regional Rate – starts at $5.79
Priority Mail Box B, Regional Rate – starts at $6.65
Priority Mail Box C, Regional Rate – starts at $15.19
Media Mail -$2.47
Parcel Post – $5.20
Library Mail -$2.35

How Much Are Stamps For International Postage

If you are to send mail to other parts of the world, it is very crucial to know how much are stamps. Postage rates to other countries vary regarding weight of the letter or parcel and the country of destination. In general, the postage rates for Canada and Mexico are cheaper compared to rates of postage stamps to other countries. For instance, 1-ounce international letters to Canada and Mexico have $0.85 worth of stamps, while letters of the same weight to other countries have $1.05 worth of stamps.

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The question “How much are stamps?” has varying answers. Nevertheless, the cost of US postage stamps is almost similar regardless of where you would buy them. Sometimes, postage stamps are more expensive by a few cents when bought online (with delivery charge), through an Automatic Telling Machine (ATM), or on grocery stores. Still, your local postal service office or USPS is the cheapest place to buy stamps.

Buy Stamps – Unusual Establishments To Buy Postage Stamps

Have you just recently written a letter to a friend or a family member but then you realized you are out of stamps? What if, it is a Sunday, or you are miles away from the nearest post office, where in the world will you buy stamps? This is the very sentiment of many letter senders who don’t seem to know where they can get stamps at the best value. Well, fret no more, there are many options for you to purchase stamps.

Where To Buy Stamps? – Buy Postage Stamps

Now, the question is where to buy stamps? The traditional way to obtain your most loved stamps through the USPS office near you. This is an easy way for you to scan through the stamp designs you like. It’s either a cute cartoon character you like or some vintage historical design. You can buy stamps in this manner if you like to feel the texture of the stamps before paying for them.

Other than a physical post office, you can buy postage stamps now through the Internet. You can choose to buy in batches of twenty sheets or more. Make sure that the website is duly approved by the United States Postal Service. Before you fall into the pit of bogus stamp-selling websites, gather sufficient information and testimonials about the website. There are trusted websites that offer free services, such as free weighing of your letters. You can simply download the software and enjoy a week or two of a free trial. You can surely buy stamps without risks of being defrauded.

Unusual Establishments To Buy Postage Stamps

Another hassle-free place where you can buy stamps is at Walmart or Best Buy. While buying your weekly groceries at the supermarket, you can add some stamps to your shopping list. Isn’t it great that you can finally have stamps with one trip to the mall? You don’t have to drive to the post office to get some stamps to mail out your mother’s birthday card or your brother’s scorecard.

If you want to avoid an irate customer service representative at the post office, you can buy stamps through the automated machines that dispense stamps. Like any other commodities, stamps are now available in vending machines. You don’t only get to avoid the long queue at your local post office; you also buy U.S. stamps anytime and anywhere. These machines are ubiquitous. There are some which are situated at hotels, supermarkets and even at the post office lobby. During a non-working holiday, when the postal service office is closed, you can readily go to a vending machine, insert your cash and the stamps are dispensed in seconds.

With the creativity of technology today, purchasing different items including stamps have become more convenient. The designs also evolved from simple faces to personalized ones. In fact, you can have you can have your photo designed as a stamp. Customizing stamps is such a fun way of making stamp collecting interesting. You have the liberty to choose any design under the sun as long as the design is not obscene or offensive. You can show off these stamps to your friends. And the best part is that you can buy stamps like these at your pleasure.