Where Can I Buy Stamps and How Much it Cost in 2019

This article is for those people, who keep searching Where Can I Buy Stamps? We will share A to Z detail on how to buy stamps in USA.

These Postal stamps are just like vacuum cleaners as they are made to remove dirt, similarly, these postage stamps are also used to make sure that your parcel reaches the right person and gets delivered to the right place. These stamps serve as the money system for the mailing system. With the help of these postage stamps and also the course of postmark, you need to guarantee and also you need to make sure that the postmaster had paid the required fees for your order.

Where Can I Buy Stamps in USA

These postage stamps are on your mail so that you get proper delivery understanding and also you receive the timely messages. Also, this will help you to understand that what type of delivery is supposed to be done on your mail and also to know at what location at the same time it is also the function of your mail (if the mail is of government or a military mail, or any other type of regular mail). If you are asking Where Can I Buy Stamps in USA then this article will guide you?

How Much it Cost to Buy Stamps in 2019?

The costs to buy postage stamps today is approximate:

For Domestic Mailing it’s total average range lies between $0.30 to $0.90. And if you buy an additional unit it will cost $0.21.

For any type of Domestic Shipping, it is flat rate envelopes and packages and the price could reach up to $22.

These are the places where you can buy stamps for your Usage:

1. Amazon – Order Stamps Online

Now in this 21st Century, you can buy stamps online from Amazon and also from the official website of US postage stamps. You can get the stamps on other online stores as well some of them are like best buy, target, and Walmart all these websites also sell postage stamps on their website that is online and also on their stores that is offline. In case you need one you can order stamps online.

The main and the basic problem with E-commerce sites is that they don’t sell stamps in a single piece so if you are willing to buy one stamp it will not be delivered. You need to buy the entire sheet and then only you can get it delivered to your doorstep in 1 – 2 days. So, if you need the stamps urgently then Amazon is the best place to buy stamps online.

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2. Walmart Super-centre Stores

This store is present in almost every town and also every. And also you are able to buy stamps from the Walmart store that is near to you. You can the stamps at any point of the day as Walmart store is open 24*7. Some of the other good things are that you can also get other materials such as writing paper, an envelope and maybe some wrapping paper, and you can get all these things in one place.

Where Can I Buy Stamps
Where Can I Buy Stamps

3. Banks

The banks are not open at all hours of the day, and in fact, the working hours of the bank ate very less and rather limited days of working but you can find more than one bank in a town or in a city and even in the small villages sometimes. All the Banks have a different section for the stamps. In this case, banks will be able to provide all the types of stamps and all the other stuff you might need to send a card or letter to your near and dear ones or for some work purposes.

4. An ATM

These are developing these days and you can find and you will be able to buy stamps at many of the new ATMs, and not on all ATMs have stamps available. Whereas many of the ATMs do sell stamps and provide this service to the customer.The ATMs that are found on the west coast basically sell the stamps.

5. Pharmacies – CVS, Walgreen, and RiteAid

It is not compulsory that you get stamps on any of the local pharmacies but many of them do keep stamps and have stamps for sale. Walgreens, RiteAid, and CVS are some of the pharmacies that have stamps with them. They keep a wide variety of stamps with them and they also make so sure that they are the ones just right for you.

6. UPS Stores

All UPS Stores give the facility to provide and also to postage stamps, you can get the book of 20 or you can also sell them individually. You can make it simpler, and also you can get an offer on the stamped envelopes. If you are willing to buy stamps from a UPS store, you need to make sure that it is available in the package center, as you can also get reserved for sorting and also for placing mailing orders which are handled by corporate accounts.

7. A gas station

They are usually open for more hours than that of banks, but not all the stations sell many stamps, but most of them do sell stamps. It totally depends on the individual gas station as they are willing to sell or not willing to sell.

8. Grocery stores

Some of the big named grocery stores sell stamps. And also some of the smaller stores also have stamps available with them to sell, but it is difficult to find these small stores that sell the stamps. You can also give suggestions to the local store that doesn’t sell postage stamps, as the to sell and tell them that you’d like them to so.


When you want or you are involved in buying stamps, the prices for the stamps are more or less all the same, so it doesn’t make any significance in stressing yourself to save a bit more and then going from one place to another. It is just all about your convenience and your comfort.

If the Post Office is shut because of time or some holiday you can then go to Walmart and it will give you the best deal for sure. Even if your local Walmart is closed, you can try a near gas station or any other local grocery store. Hope you find your answer to where to buy Stamps. Give your feedback.

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